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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning. thanks for joining us this is abc's day of giving to help hurricane sandy victims. stay with us, thanks for joining us. we are following breaking news out of fremont, police on the scene of a deadly shooting that involved two police officers and a domestic violence suspect. investigators say officers shot and killed a 37-year-old man from san jose, after he refused to drop a knife. police say the man was naked and chasing his wife on the street with the knife. it started 11:00 last night on central avenue. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get an update. president obama and mitt romney are storming into the final day of campaigning. mr. obama holding rallies in wisconsin and iowa. romney will visit florida, virginia and new hampshire. the richest prize, no doubt ohio. today each will rally their supporters in columbus. the president will return to
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his home in chicago tonight. t.j. winick joins us from chicago. >> reporter: election day may not be until tomorrow, 27 million americans have already cast their vote. a scene of how close the obama campaign believes in could be the president appeared in new hampshire, which only has four electoral votes. >> the president: we are no longer relevant now. we are props. because what has happened is now the campaign falls on these 25-year-old kids out there knocking on doors, making calls. >> reporter: he was joined by bill clinton, who mocked romney's pitch. >> don't pay too much attention to what our solutions are, just be disappointed and look at me, i look like a president. and i talk like one. and i'm telling you it is all going to be all right if you
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elect me. >> reporter: with one day to go, candidates crisscrossed the battle states, romney 14 stops in seven states, president obama, 14 stops in eight states. both claim victory is within reach. >> he's hoping we'll settle. americans don't settle. we build, we aspire. we dream, we can do better. >> reporter: romney is even making a play for traditionally democratic pennsylvania. the candidates and their running mates all made stops in the critical battle gun state of ohio along with iowa and wisconsin are expect to decide the race. >> if. >> . -- if president obama can win these three, he'll have the 271 electoral votes he needs to win even if romney sweeps the rest of the battleground states. >> reporter: according to a recent poll, this race is
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virtually dead blocked with the president holding a slight 49-48% lead over romney among likely voters. with the race this close every voting bloc is getting a lot of attention. can you talk about the whole the hispanic voters may play? >> reporter: 12 million hispanic voters are expected to go to the polls tomorrow. traditionally they've leaned democratic. this election is no exception. the president holds a commanding 3-1 margin over mitt romney, about 66-28% now that might not matter what is critical tomorrow is if mitt romney can do well among latino voters and three key battleground state, florida, nevada and colorado. if he can do well enough in those states with the latino voters, he could pull off a victory. he could also do it if he gets at least 30% of latino voters.
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right now it unclear. >> t.j. winick, thank you. stay with abc7 news for complete election day coverage. we'll bring live updates throughout the night, including reporters mark matthews at obama headquarters chicago and laura anthony at romney headquarters in boston. get real-time results on the moment the polls close at 8 p.m., live updates all night at and through twitter. >> officials in new york and new jersey believe they will be able to get everybody to the polls tomorrow, even in the areas ravaged by superstorm sandy. thousands will have to cast ballots outside of their neighborhoods. tens of thousands are camping outside their homes in 30° weather. they will be forced to seek shelter by wednesday when a new storm is predicted to hit. many schools reopened today,
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commuters are still crowding on to transit systems, slowly coming back online and people forced out of their cars by a gas shortage. some new jersey residents in areas hit by sandy woke up to a 2.0 earthquake overnight, no reports of damage. abc7 and parent company abc tell teaming up with the red cross to help in the aftermath of san indictment. we begin with -- sandy. we begin with amy hollyfield in san francisco. >> reporter: abc is asking today be a day of giving. they want to you know your money goes toward supplies that the red cross can hand out such as toiletry kits, basic items, toothbrush and toothpaste, the red cross hits the ground there and hands these out immediately.
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they also hand out meals they supply 128,000 saturday. they give out water and they help provide shelter. 100 volunteers from the bay area have traveled to the east coast to help. we've also sent five vehicles from the bay area. they need money that's why abc has decided to dedicate this day as a day of giving. they are encouraging to you think about what you can give, every little bit helps. if you give $50 that supplies three meal force one person and shelter and toiletries for one day. -- if you can give $150 that takes care of a family of four for one day. abc the company is going to be giving money to the red cross and is encouraging you as individuals to think about if you can give as well they are hoping you will do it today. collectively today we will all pull together and make a huge difference. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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>> disney is tonighting two million dollars to the red cross as part of today's day of giving. samsung will provide a dollar for dollar match up to three million dollars for viewer donations made to the red cross. you can help by texting abc to 90999 to give $10 to relief efforts you can call the number on your screen 1-800-help-now or go online to supplies from northern california should be arriving in the northeast today flown out of oakland airport yesterday this giant 747 carrying tons of relief supplies from the army depot in trace one took off in the early afternoon another last night. suggested -- seven people rescued interest their capsized boat are recovering.
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we have incredible pictures of what happened. situations lake this don't typically turn out this well. kira klapper is live with more. >> reporter: three adults and four children uninjured, remarkable outcome considering the turn of events yesterday afternoon. 25 foot pleasure craft overturned off dillon beach. the helicopter had rescued three adults and two children who had been clinging to the hull of the boat. looks like our video is not working right now. we will have that coming up later. people were watching in awe from the shore. the rescue mission turned a little terrifying when they realized two children were trapped inside the boat's cabin, it was quickly filling with water they were able to cut open the hull and rescue those two children, safe, sound, just a little wet. all seven people, four children and three adults are
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recovering from a little bit of hypothermia this morning. incredible outcome. kira klapper, abc7 news. it is 5:10. not 6:10. remember to turn back the clock yesterday? let's hope so. sun coming up an hour earlier -- sunsets at 5:06 which means you are not going to have much sunshine. 24 hour temperature change, a little warmer this morning in most areas, concord the exception two degrees cooler mountain view, san jose, fairfield the same santa rosa two degrees cooler where we have fog forming. jet stream north flow over top of us offshore flow land
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breeze that's why we keep the free air conditioning over the ocean today and why everybody is going to be warm we are near record highs from the coast to inland valley. very mild this morning in the 50s, a few 40s inland, quickly jump nearly 20 to 25° between 7:00 and noon, earlier hour of sunshine, we warm up faster we are going to have record high in the low to mid 80s in most areas by 4:00, mid 70s around the bay, drop back into the 60s mainly during the evening, will cool off comfortably. shot of record high temperatures again tomorrow, maybe we'll have record turnout at the polls. wednesday cooler, almost 20° cooler by thursday with a chance of wet weather. good morning. out of novato this morning through central san rafael this is a live look past the civic center tail lights towards lincoln and central
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san rafael, light through marin county roadwork northbound through strawberry until 6:00 this morning. live look at macarthur maze, 880 flowing down and 80 into the bay bridge toll and 580 all moving at the limit, no issues. great morning to take mass transit no problems getting out now, everybody is checking in on time, police activity in fremont has central avenue closed glenmore drive and logan avoid that area, if you can. northbound 680 at treat earlier stall in right lane cleared a little slow traffic remains. headed out, here's a look at the more crowded commutes 580 towards the altamont pass still good out of antioch, 80 carquinez bridge to maze nice drive. 5:12. trial begins today for u.s. army soldier accused of a massacre of women and children
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in afghanistan. the cheap tax rate that apple is paying on is overseas profits. we'll tell you why, when we return. ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪
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here's a look at 87 in san jose headlights heading north, quiet don't have to teal with the fog one of the many areas that could -- to deal with the fog one of the
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many areas that could set record high temperatures. 5:16. u.s. army staff sergeant accused of carrying out one of the worst atrocities of the afghanistan war is due to appear today in a military courtroom. he could face the death penalty if convicted of the march massacre of 16 afghan civilians while they slept. proving the murders is a challenge for prosecutors who got limited access to the crime scene and almost no forensic evidence from the victims this were immediately buried, customary among muslims. regulatory filing just released shows apple is only paying 1.9% income tax on earnings outside the u.s.. the company paid 713 million dollars in taxes on foreign earnings of nearly 37 billion dollars in the fiscal year that just ended september 29th, compared to 12 billion dollar in federal taxes in the
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u.s.. apple like many other global companies often leaves significant profits overseas to avoid paying the corporate tax rate not illegal. samsung celebrating huge sales of galaxy smartphone it sold 30 million in the past five months making it one of the fastest selling smartphones in the world. samsung began shipping phones months before competitors named the world's top smartphone seller in the last three quarters. nasa scientists say the choosiory rover has detected no -- the curiosity rover has detected no methane on the planet, curiosity used a laser they found carbon monoxide, nitrogen, oxygen and scientists say it is still possible future tests could
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find methane. two prominent meteor showers will start tonight, weather permitting, you may be able to see flashes of light and shooting stars. the best viewing is well after midnight in areas free from city lights the meteor showers will be active all month. >> mike will we will have -- will we have clear skies tonight? >> definitely want to go tonight, wednesday to friday the wet weather comes won't be as good then. tonight will be one of the more comfortable nights it won't be very cool. it is almost 5:19 look at how still the bay is from vollmer peak peak in
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emeryville across the bay bridge to san francisco. radar and satellite, we are picking up nothing but dry air over the area, except for up around santa rosa, still where there's enough lingering moisture for a quarter mile visibility there. something we are going to keep an eye on, watching the winds, winds calm doesn't look like it ising about to have much movement to it, northerly wind above the surface, one of the key things will it come out and start heading south. upper 40s in santa rosa and fairfield, rest of us in the 50s, a few 60s monterey bay mid 50s inland 49 gilroy 63 in salinas. record highs today and tomorrow, no one is immune own the -- even the coast could be record high temperatures, clear and comfortable at night this time of year it changes, cooler wednesday, wet weather
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thursday, friday and saturday and sunday still looking cool and very fall-like. today from the mid to upper 70s along the coast, low to mid 80s bay and low to upper 80s inland with upper 80s in the north bay valleys mid to upper 80s monterey bay and inland wouldn't be surprised if we touch 90 in a few areas. mainly low 50s to around 60 tonight. east coast 7:00 tomorrow evening off the coast of the carolinas, low developing, rain moving in wednesday morning, look how quickly some cold air wraps in and turns over to snow by wednesday night. more warm air back in thursday back to rain, thursday evening it is out of there. quick hitter but it will be breezy and it will be wet. election day record once again, in the form of warm
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temperatures, temperatures about 20 to 25° cooler by nurse friday saturday, sunday -- good morning. hayward to foster city via san mateo bridge highway 92 westbound busier past flat section towards highrise, a few brake lights, 14 minutes across the span typical, eastbound nice no problems. bay bridge no problems, metering lights off, no issues on the incline headed into san francisco, nice drive, if you are traveling if the oakland area into the city. look at 80 past golden gate fields in through berkeley and emeryville, starting to get busier, traffic is flowing nicely everything at the limit. fremont, police activity at central avenue closed between glenmore and logan, authorities are asking that you avoid the area. 5:21.
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>> bridal magazine offering to give one lucky couple a million dollar wedding. there's a catch. next, why the bride and groom will have few decisions to make. we'll tell you how scientists created self-healing concrete and how that can revolutionize road and building construction.
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welcome back many sausalito this morning, san francisco, bay bridge almost to the san mateo bridge that's how far you can spree mount tamalpais this morning. clear except for -- record highs the big story. scientists in the netherlands devised way to make concrete that can heal itself they added bacterial spores which produce limestone into the mix those spores come alive when they contact water they can fill in cracks up to a half millimeter in width. water and chemicals can seep into cracks half that size. the concrete is still being tested if all goes well it could be on the market in two to three years. planning to get married, how does a million dollar wedding sound at no cost to you?
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brides magazine is helping to organize and pay for a wedding worth 1.2 million dollars next spring in dana point, southern california. the catch, the bride and groom must agree to let all the decisions about their special day be voted on decided by followers on social media like facebook and twitter. randy zuckerberg the sister of mark zuckerberg will help produce the event online. >> i don't know about that one. the long lines are still long, millions in new york and new jersey struggling in the wake of superstorm sandy. >> there are signs of life slowly returning to normal. shoppers at dozen of bay area grocery stores greeted with picket lines. the labor dispute that has 7,000 workers on strike. >> looks like folks in new york and new jersey may be waiting in the rain and snow we'll talk about the nor'easter. right now record high temperatures look for asterisks
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where records will be set today. temperatures across the country, still cool, he's these are the highs in northeast, 40s to near 50, same around seattle and portland, you have to go to dallas and no to get to 70s. [ inaudible ] . ♪
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good morning. monday morning at 5:30, not 6:30 remember to turn back the clock yesterday? >> we all fall back with >> thanks for join us i'm
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kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. president obama and mitt romney will crisscross swing states to get their messages out new polls show the race closer than ever. katie marzullo is live with the latest. >> reporter: if the race doesn't get much closer and depending on which poll you look at, the candidates are tied. newest poll shows president obama with a one points lead overmitt romney. a poll from politico shows the two candidates in a dead heat 48% each. looking to sway undecides candidates moving through -- undecideds candidates moving >> the president: this is not1h just a choice between candidates or two parties it is a choice between two visions for america. >> better days ahead is not based on promises or rhetoric
5:32 am
u andaç3ú proven results and unshake able faith of the american spirit. -- >> reporter: both candidates start today in columbus, ohio the stay has chosen the winner in the -- state has chosen the winner in the last 12 presidential elections. the running mates are running around as well, ryan in nevada this morning he campaigned in five states yesterday, vice president biden was in ohio yesterday, saying he thinks president obama has the clear win. we'll be working around the clock to bring you up to the minute results tomorrow, 3 p.m. special edition of abc7 news live reports from the obama and romney campaign headquarters. 3:30, world news, followed by live election coverage from abc news at 4 p.m.. 8:00 more bay area results
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from abc7 news after the polls close followed by abc news returns with primetime election coverage at 8:30. you can get up to the minute election results on it has been a difficult weekend for many early voters in florida where the state democratic party had to file a lawsuit asking to give some voters more time to cast ballots. residents in palm beach, miami-dade and broward had to wait in line for up to six hours to get a chance to vote on saturday that was to be the final day of early voting for them. some polling stations cut off the lines after election work overwhelmed by the huge turnout. a judge ordered one county to extend early voting sunday to accommodate those people who did not get a chance to cast ballots saturday. latest recovery efforts from superstorm sandy. killing more than 100 people. mass transit expected to be packed this morning.
5:34 am
new york city commuters and students tried to go back-to-school, work for the first time in new jersey only half of the school districts are open, power restored to about 80% of new york state. more wet and windy weather is predicted wednesday, mike was talking that nor'easter forcing 10 -- tens of thousands camping in the cold, people in new jersey were rattled by a minor quake 2.0, luckily no reports of damage. >> abc is teaming up with the red cross to help victims of sandy through today's day of giving campaign. amy hollyfield is live at pier 54 in san francisco with information on how easy it is to help. >> reporter: the bay area red cross has sent five vehicles to help. that i sent more than 100 volunteers. while there, they are handing out supplies, like these cleaning kits, people need
5:35 am
bleach and mops to cleanup the mess left by the storm. they are handing out toiletries. they are handing out water. all dire products and stuff that people need when they are there. however, they don't want you to donate that stuff. jim mallory is here to help explain. you do not want canned goods and diapers, right? >> right. it is difficult to process that stuff. the real fastest way is to make a financial donation or donate blood to the american red cross. >> reporter: can you give a sense of how dire the need is to get help. >> imagine the only thing that had you was the clothes on your back which might be your pajamas and your house is gone, you need anything you can get to get through the next few days which is the hardest time. >> reporter: hard breaking, thank you jim this is why abc has dedicated this as a day of
5:36 am
giving. some are estimating this will be the most expensive relief effort our country has seen. abc is stepping up and donating and asking you to consider donating, if you can. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> disney is donating two million dollars to the red cross as part of today's day of giving. samsung will provide a dollar for dollar match up to three million dollars for viewer donations made to the red cross. you can help by texting abc to 90999, give $10 to the relief efforts. i just did it, after you text you get a message asking to you confirm. it is easy. you can call 1-800-help-now or go online to developing news from contra costa county, investigators looking at suspicious fire at a strip mall in pleasant hill. it started before midnight,
5:37 am
crews say smoke was coming from the middle of a building when they arrived. sprinklingler systems -- sprinkler systems had been activated. investigators saw a molotov cocktail at the scene. three stores appear to have been damaged. seven people pulled from a capsized boat off the coast of marin county are recovering from mild hypothermia. amazing considering the situation they were in. their boat got caught in the surf at dillon beach and overturned, five people, including two children were rescued right away. rescuers use a power saw to reach two more children trapped inside. onlookers cheered as they watch add 11-year-old child walk away and a -- watched an 11-year-old child walk away
5:38 am
and a 3-year-old get carried away. more on this rescue at 6:00. seven thousand grocery store workers on strike at raley's, nob hill and bel air markets in a contract dispute, employees union objecting to pay freezes and cuts in health benefits. the company that owns the chain says it leads -- needs to lower operating costs to compete. replacement workers have been brought in. 5:38. what is the date today? >> today is november 5th. >> are you sure with temperatures that i'm seeing. >> june 5th? july 5th. >> definitely record high temperatures during the afternoon hours not only today but again tomorrow. before we get out the door let's talk about the north bay half mile visibility at santa rosa better than the quarter mile last hour, you
5:39 am
can see there is a little oozing from north to south of that fog through the north bay valleys the rest of us fine. let's talk yífu what is going to happen today and tomorrow, jet stream well to the north, you can see clockwise nature of the flow that's the offshore wind pushing the free air conditioning over the ocean and keeping it over the ocean. very mild right now in the low to mid 50s through 7:00, sunshine at 7:00, quick warming by noon, we have that stronger sunshine during that five hour timeframe, 80 inland by noon, mid 70s bay, near 70 coast, 4:00 record warm, coast mid 70s, around the bay 80, mid 80s inland with the sun ing at 5:00 quickly cools, -- down 15 to 20° by 7:00. tomorrow record highs again
5:40 am
try to stay out in the sunshine, cold front 10° cooler wednesday, cooler thursday with a chance of wet weather. good morning. happy monday. so far good conditions if you are traveling 87 through san jose northbound past hp pavillion everything at the limit, minor delays for cash paying folks at bay bridge toll, earlier stall past the tolls no issues on the incline on the the upper deck busier now east shore commute past golden gate fields into berkeley and emeryville, a little sluggish no issues as far as stalls or accidents, accident in the median westbound 580 at 680 dublin interchange, 20 minute drive from the altamont towards the scene of that accident. police activity in fremont, central avenue closed glenmore to logan use thornton to get to 880. 280, southbound to 92 in san mateo, 24680 cull kat
5:41 am
tunnel -- 20, 680 to the caldecott tunnel. a day before the election new political battle brewing in the east bay. next the war of words that has two candidates trading sharp accusations. noisey dispute on the peninsula, vote expected today that could make one community quieter.
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we look from downtown san francisco towards mount diablo you can see it in it distance that's how clear the air is record highs on the way. forecast coming up. 5:44. the san mateo city council tonight will consider ways to regulate noisey leaf blowers. there are a few plans, from a complete ban to banning on only those blowers that exceed 65 decibels stepping up enforcement of existing ordinance. the complete ban is the most expensive option requiring the hiring of extra workers to
5:45 am
hand rake city parks. private gardeners will likely charge more for raking. with just a day to election day war over words causing last minute controversy in the race for oakland city attorney. oakland city councilwoman and attorney jane brunner says she will sue over a campaign mailer from barba parker the mailer claims brunner was suspended from practicing law. >> it was a short period when i was running for city council in 1995, i was not practicing law andy not -- was not active but i was not suspended. >> people can look it up she was ineligible to practice from july '95 to january '97. >> the parker campaign says brunner cannot say she has been practicing law for 25 years if she was ineligible for part of that time. barnes & noble cuts the price of one of is nooks.
5:46 am
>> bay area woman hit by car and loses her only means of mobility. how her plight led one viewer to come through with a personal act of generosity. more good news for california drivers. what is happening with gas prices as we head into the hole taste. celebrating 100 years of service with one of the nation's -- oldest
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check out all the asterisks where we will set record highs low to mid 80s bay low to upper 80s inland upper 80s north bay valleys mid to upper 70s coast. entire state doppler you can see how dry it is, going to be warm everywhere low to mid 80s through the central valley, 64 tahoe, 79 yosemite, 88 san diego, middle 90s palm springs and l.a.. new york city police say they've charged a nanny with murder in the stabbing deaths of two children last month. the 50-year-old was interviewed by detectives from her hospital bed saturday before she was charged. ortega is recovering from self-inflicted stab wounds she worked for the krim family who
5:50 am
lived in san francisco prior to moving to new york. we are learning more about the reason behind the tax. details coming up in the next half hour -- we can find out later today if the u.s. supreme court will take up a major challenge to the voting rights act. justices met behind closed doors friday and discussed two cases challenging parts of 1965 voting rights law requires states with history of voter discrimination, mostly in the south, to clear any changes in their laws with federal officials in washington. high court could say as early as today whether it will consider ending the requirement. follow-up to a story we told you about a woman in a motorized wheelchair who was hit by a car the driver later took off. since her story aired we've received calls from people who want to help, including the smith family the chair belonged to their father who passed away four years ago.
5:51 am
>> feel his spirit with us on his behave we would like to give you the -- his behalf, we would like to give you the wheelchair. >> right now, stephanie is using a borrowed chair hers was badly damaged when she was hit by a woman driving a black car. police have not mentioned any new leads in this case. there is a surveillance camera in that area that may provide help. i believe it is on el camino real. sometimes people like to help. >> nice story. let's check in with mike and see how much you are going to like the warm weather. >> all those records mike. >> there's a lot. good morning. you can see a little breezy on top of mount tamalpais this morning, northerly wind that is going to make the north bay the warmest today as that wind will descend from the higher
5:52 am
elevations to the lower elevations through the north bay and when it does it will compress, heat, get dry and heat even more that's the set-up for all of us, going to be more dominant in the north bay. live doppler, under that wind we still have fog that is spreading throughout the north bay, we'll keep an eye on it, sometimes it -- live doppler is dry, showing how dry it is outside. half mile santa rosa, one and 3/4 mile napa, four miles novato most dangerous farther north you head now. coolers around santa rosa, 49 there in fairfield, 50s, even 60s around fremont and half moon bay at 61, santa cruz at 60 three, could be one of the warmest spots go you -- if you want to head to the beach beach that might be a great place. record highs today and tomorrow. clear and comfortable at night,
5:53 am
that's why we don't have heat advisories. cooler wednesday, sharp cold front that will have rain wednesday and showers friday behind it, rain thursday showers friday. look at all these asterisks, every city is going to set a record high 12° above average in san jose, 20 in santa rosa when you get to 89°. south bay, 83 san jose, where we'll have the record everybody in the low to mid 80s here. peninsula low to mid 80s mountain view and redwood city possible, 81 downtown san francisco, record high. north bay 89 in santa rosa, 84 san rafael, record high. east bay shore richmond 81, oakland eight toy, hayward 82, record -- 82, livermore 86, 84 monterey, 90 watsonville, santa cruz.
5:54 am
good news, here are temperatures for tonight, most of us in the 50s to low 60s that will be the case tuesday night, drop off in temperatures about 8 to 10° cooler wednesday, raindrop us another at least 10° thursday, scattered showers friday, saturday, sunday cooler than average, dry now. have a great day. now to the bay bridge, couple of things to be aware of. stall cleared out of toll lane 6, traffic backing at least in the cash paying folks towards west grand over cross, stall s of curve westbound heavy on the incline heading into san francisco southbound 101 past civic center marin no issues. earlier accident now in the median west 580 at 680 at the dublin interchange speeds slowing just over 20 minutes from the altamont into dub lynn pleasanton north 101 -- "sig alert" pick-up truck slam
5:55 am
into the back of garr garage truck caught on fire blockinging two -- right lanes north 101 you can see from our waze app we have your traffic spotters, traffic slow from sierra point parkway headed north you might want to consider 280. not a major back-up yet, accident north 101 at candlestick park "sig alert" in effect this is a free app on the app store and google play. 5:55. >> the day before the election, economists are putting some of the claim of mitt romney and barack obama to a fact check. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. mitt romney says a second term of president obama would result in slow economic growth at best. the president says, a romney presidency would put us in another huge recession. economists say both men are wrong. they say, the economy is on track for a pick-up over the
5:56 am
next four years, no matter who wins tomorrow's election they warn the next president needs to tackle the tough issue of reducing 1.1 trillion deficit. good news for drivers gas price continue to fall aaa says average price nationwide for regular $3.48. seven cents lower than a week ago, 31 cents lower than a month ago. barnes & noble cutting prices on the nook, to the lowest price ever, the tablets now $20 off at $159. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. san francisco's municipal rail celebrating 100th birthday celebration putting several vehicles like this trolley from the late 40s into operation. muni started in 1912 as a
5:57 am
streetcar system. >> it was the first publicly oned transit system in the united states in a major city that hadn't been done before, they were all privately operated for profit corporations. >> this trolley carried passengers all around san francisco during the 70s and 80s. 5:57: next, why muni is on the hook for the bus torched by vandals after the giants' world series win. how abc and abc7 are teaming up with the red cross. we need your help on this day of giving. >> meet the man who is making it his persona
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